K-6 Classes

We pride ourselves on providing an education that is rooted in our faith.

It is through individual support and strong academics that our students are consistently on the honor rolls when they move on to Junior High and High School. We are pleased to share with you the programs that give our students success!

Religion: We Believe by Sadlier (K-6)
Builds Catholic Identity with activities built around the core Catholic beliefs, practices, and principles so all students can truly embody their faith. Program involves families through providing tools and activities to enrich their identity as Catholic families in today’s world. Math: Saxon Math (K-4)
All new concepts are developed through hands-on activities and rich mathematical conversations that actively engage students in the learning process. Concepts are developed, reviewed, and practiced over time. Students move from the concrete to the pictoral to the abstract. Math: HSP Math by Harcourt
Each daily lesson structure includes continual practice of previously learned skills and ongoing assessment. Instruction builds foundational concepts and critical thinking skills as well as real world problem solving and applications. Science: Scott Foresman Science (K-6)
Our science program is built upon inquiry: teacher directed, teacher guided, and student led. Lessons engage students in activities that build a strong science foundation and help them develop a full understanding of the inquiry process. Reading: Super Kids (K-2)
Our reading program is a core literacy curriculum for kindergarten through second grade that teaches all aspects of reading seamlessly integrated with the language arts. Built on scientific research and proven pedagogy, it combines rigorous instruction with highly motivating materials. Reading: Journeys (3-6)
Our program provides students with a path to achieving rigorous standards with print and state-of-the-art digital components. Students will develop mastery of reading skills using authentic, award-winning texts, and will become confident readers who can problem solve, use critical thinking skills, and analyze text to help them become life-long successful readers. Social Studies: Harcourt (K-6)
Our social studies curriculum focuses on many strands of content: citizenship, culture, economics, geography, government and history. Lessons are engaging and focus on real life applications of content presented. The use of primary sources of information and multimedia are incorporated into instruction

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